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This or That?!

I have heard that Apple and Android are both really awesome companies that both have really awesome operating systems. But my question to you is WHICH IS BETTER? There have been countless arguments about which is better, and want to see what you guys think! So PLEASE NO TROLLING and please support your reasons!

Happy Debating!,



Hello all aliens and humans!

This is a new post on which  will post a riddle every week! If you think this is boring, than keep reading, and if not than keep reading! I will post a riddle evry week. At the end of the week, check back to see if you answered correctly and you answered first.

*************Next Riddle is : What does “A Platypus is Controlling Me, he is right under the table” stand for?

Check back in a little bit to see who won!!!



Message To All Gamerz!

Hello gamerz of the world!

I know everyone loves to place some sort of game, Call of Duty or Scrabble or Runescape or World of Warcraft or some other game for any place. What are some games YOU like to play?! On this page you can list all of the funnest games you have ever played! Have fun!


P.S. I am not sure about mine but here are a few: Runescape, Call of Duty, Icebreaker, the Heist, and a bunch of others!


Yo! This is SuperS7!!!

This is my RANDOM PAGE! If you have anything to say that is really random, than put it on this page!

U can say things such as I am hungry of I am out of town or I have to go to school or I am giving birth you know stuff like that! This page is for my veiwers so have fun guys!!!


Short but alive,


PS- Just for the record, this was a randon page!:D

Children of the Lamp Series

hey fellow dudes and dudets!

I know an awesome series called the Children of the Lamp! It is by P.B. Kerr and is about two young kids named John and Philipa Gaunt. After recieving their wisdom teeth removed at age 11 or 12, I am not sure. But anywa ys, during their extractions at the hospital, they both being twins do almost everything the same even dream the same, they both have a dream in which they are visited by their Uncle Nimrod. I don’t want to tell you what happens, so you will just have to read the book to see what happens to John and Phillipa Gaunt!

Hey guys! Check this out!

I know a person named Ayla who has an awesome blog!

it is

Check it out, check it out!


I am sure many people have wierd dreams. When ever you have a wierd dream and you want to share it, you can write it on this page. I hope I can read all of your many dreams!!

Shortly, SuperS7

WHO’S AWESOME???????!!!!

This is an awesome song by Nigahiga called Happy Boom Boom!!!!!  These guys ROCK!!!! LONG LIVE NIGAHIGA!!!!

4th of July 2009

Heyguys! how was your forth of July? Mine stank and than got better than stank again and then it got better and now i am posting this at 1:44 AM(NO JOKE!!!)! I am in Houston, Texas visiting cousins and celebrating the FAMOUS FORTH!!!!!!!;) And that is just the half of it!!!! How was your FAMOUS FORTH??????????!!!!!!!!