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This is a really fun game called Poptropica. In it you have a character from which you can go around the Poptropica world! You should try it out. First make a character and then pay around in your world. there are many missions and worlds to do around this world. you should start from Early Poptropica and go up from ther sine it is the easiest. Right now I am working on astro knights. It is hard but it requires a little brainpower- oh, okay, and some walkthroughs. 🙂

By the way, I am now hiring workers! If you are a worker then you can make posts on this blog, like i am doing now. All you have to do is sign up for wordpress at! Be sure to use your real email or it won’t work. then type a comment in this post with your email (put it in the email section). Then check back in a day or two.. and you can be a worker!

How to be a worker: When you are on here look at the sidebar. note it says “log in”. Log in with your WP user and pass. Then click New Post!

Sincerily, short and still living, GOT TO DASH,



Billy Mays’ Death

Did you guys hear that Billy Mays died on the 28th. That is th Oxyclean guy. What do yall have to say about it?

Micheal Jackson

Hey guys! I am sure you all heard that Micheal Jackson DIED……. How do you feel about it?

Hey Everybody!!!!! How is your summer vacation going? Where are you guys and where have you gone?????

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